3 Things You May Not Know Renter's Insurance Covers

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Buying a renter's insurance policy is a great way to protect the items in your home in case they are ever stolen or damaged. However, you may not realize that your renter's insurance actually covers you for far more than the cost of replacing or repairing damaged and stolen items inside your home. Continue reading to learn more about three things you may not realize your renter's insurance actually covers.

4 August 2022

6 Common Types Of Commercial Insurance

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Purchasing insurance for your business is a crucial step in protecting your company's financial health. Many commercial insurance policies are available, each covering different risks. Choosing the right type of insurance for your business is essential in mitigating the economic impact of potential risks. Here are six common types of commercial insurance: 1. Property Insurance Property insurance protects your business against loss or damage to your business property. These properties include buildings, equipment, inventory, and furniture.

29 June 2022

Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage

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You should have car insurance that covers the losses if an accident happens. This will protect you from out-of-pocket expenses associated with careless driving or someone who hits you while driving. Car insurance agents offer different types of auto insurance policies. Find below different types of car insurance policies on the market. 1. Third-Party Liability Third-party liability is the most basic type of car insurance. This policy covers you if you cause an accident, injure another person, or damage their property.

13 May 2022

The Importance Of Buying Quality Truck Insurance For Your Fleet

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As a commercial fleet manager, you are responsible for your fleet's safety and performance. You must keep the fleet's legal and financial liability as low as possible while still providing the services your truck drivers may need while they are out on the road. Part of managing your fleet successfully involves investing in the best coverage for it and its drivers. You can benefit from purchasing quality truck insurance for your trucks and drivers.

4 April 2022

3 Factors That Affect Your Commercial Insurance Premiums

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Regardless of your business size, certain risks (like lawsuits or catastrophic events) can bring your business to its knees. Luckily, you can protect your business against such unforeseen risks with commercial insurance. Some types of insurance you can consider are property insurance, worker's compensation insurance, and product liability insurance. However, insurance premiums are not one size fits all. Check out some factors that can determine your commercial insurance premium rates.  The Type of Business

2 March 2022

What Is DBA Insurance And Do You Need It?

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If you are a civilian contractor working overseas for the U.S. military, then you need DBA insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage for workers who are injured or become ill while on the job. It is required by law and is offered through most major insurance companies. In this blog post, we will discuss what DBA insurance is and why you need it! What is DBA Insurance? DBA insurance, a type of workers' compensation insurance, provides coverage for civilians who are injured or become ill while working overseas for the U.

19 January 2022

5 Auto Insurance Myths Busted

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There is much misinformation about the insurance industry in general and auto insurance in particular. For example, you will hear some say a red car is more expensive to insure than a blue car, or getting a traffic ticket will increase your premiums. However, there is also a lot of good information you can get free regarding any insurance matter from your insurance agent or broker. Your auto insurance broker is legally required to disclose full information to enable you to make an informed choice.

3 December 2021