3 Things You May Not Know Renter's Insurance Covers

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Buying a renter's insurance policy is a great way to protect the items in your home in case they are ever stolen or damaged. However, you may not realize that your renter's insurance actually covers you for far more than the cost of replacing or repairing damaged and stolen items inside your home. Continue reading to learn more about three things you may not realize your renter's insurance actually covers.

#1: Items Stolen From Inside Your Vehicle Or While Traveling 

Your renter's insurance provides protection for your personal belongings. This protection remains in effect even if these items are temporarily taken out of your home. This means that if your cellphone or computer is stolen out of your car or hotel room, you still have coverage for the cost of replacing this item. It is important to note that this additional coverage only applies to items that would normally be stored in your home. Consequently, if a thief breaks into your vehicle and steals the radio, this will not be covered under your renter's insurance since this is considered part of the vehicle rather than personal property. 

#2: Lodging Costs If Your Home Requires Repairs

While renter's insurance does not provide any coverage for damage done to your rented home, it can help to cover the costs associated with being temporarily displaced from this home due to necessary repairs. For instance, if your home experiences flooding and you are forced to stay in a hotel while the damage is repaired, your renter's insurance can help to cover the cost of your hotel room. In many cases, a renter's insurance policy will even help to cover the cost of food while you are staying at a hotel since you will no longer have access to your kitchen in order to prepare meals. 

#3: Replacing Spoiled Food Due To Power Outage 

An extended power outage can easily cause all of the food inside your refrigerator or freezer to spoil. Replacing this food can be expensive, especially if you happened to have just gone grocery shopping prior to the power outage. Thankfully, you do not need to cover this cost on your own. This is because many renter's insurance policies will provide limited coverage to help replace food that spoiled as the result of an extended power outage. It is important to note that there is usually a monetary cap on this coverage so you may still need to cover some of the cost yourself if you store a large amount of food at once. 

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4 August 2022

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