3 Ways An Insurance Adjuster Can Simplify The Claims Process

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If you have never read the entirety of your homeowners or auto insurance policy, do not feel bad. Your experience is probably that of the norm. However, on the rare chance you have read the entire document, you probably were left with more questions than when you began. Insurance jargon can be difficult to understand, leading to all sorts of issues when it comes to filing a claim. Fortunately, partnering with an insurance adjuster can help. 

1. Claim Assessment

Again, reading an entire insurance document is not only time-consuming, but the language used can sometimes make it hard to understand what coverage you have. Unfortunately, speaking with an adjuster at your insurance company may or may not be helpful since their main priority is to protect the insurance company. 

A public adjuster is an independent professional who can review your policy to help you assess your policy, including what is covered and to what limit. With this information, you can better grasp how to file a claim successfully. 

2. Claim Undervaluing

When an insured customer has an issue, the first thing they generally do is submit a claim. The insurance company's adjuster will then formulate a value for the claim. One crucial fact that people sometimes are unaware of is that you do not have to accept the insurance company's assessment automatically. 

If you feel the claim is undervalued, you can submit the same information to a public adjuster for review. If their investigation proves the claim has been undervalued, you can submit this new report to your insurance company to ensure your claim is paid fairly.

3. Complex Claim Organizing

An adjuster can also be utilized as a proactive measure, particularly regarding complex claims. For instance, a homeowners insurance claim for a property that is a total loss after a massive storm would fit into this category. In these scenarios, the adjuster will investigate the loss, review your policy, and collect documentation detailing the cost of the claim. 

Similar to an initially undervalued claim, you can submit this adjuster-prepared report to your insurance company. Having an adjuster perform this step helps eliminate many of the back-and-forth information requests that occur with these claims, which can help shorten the time it takes to settle the claim.

Remember, an insurance adjuster can help you during the entire claims process. With their professionalism and understanding of insurance terms, their help can make the process easier and less stressful. For more information, contact an insurance adjuster near you.


17 July 2023

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