3 Tips For Saving On Car Insurance If You Have A Bad Driving Record

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Are you in the market for new car insurance? Do you have a history of driving violations, like speeding, accidents, or even driving under the influence? Your driving record greatly impacts your ability to get car insurance and the cost of potential insurance. Generally, the more issues you have on your record, the higher your premiums will be. While driving issues eventually drop off your record, it takes time for that to happen. The good news is there are steps you can take to make yourself more eligible for insurance and to keep costs down. Below are three steps to consider:

Take a driving course

You usually can't get violations erased from your record. However, you can take steps to show that you are improving your driving. Many driving schools offer defensive driving courses for those with spotty driving records. These classes offer a refresher on how to drive safely and protect yourself on the road. Many insurance companies will offer a discount if you show you completed a defensive driving course. Talk to your car insurance agent about possible discounts and credits available.

Install telematics in your car

Technology rapidly changes nearly every industry, and car insurance is no exception. Telematics is a technology that can be installed in your car to track your driving. These devices use GPS technology to track your speed, movement, and overall safety on the road. Some insurers use telematics to monitor your driving habits and ensure you drive defensively on the roads. If you consistently drive in a safe and cautious manner, the insurance company may reduce your premiums. Your car insurance agency can help you find an insurer that uses telematics and offers discounts.

Work with an independent car insurance agency

When you have a spotty driving record, not every car insurance company will accept you as a client. Even the ones who do may charge very high rates. In order to find the best coverage at the best price, your car insurance agency may need to shop your insurance for a wide range of insurers. Be sure to work with a car insurance agency that is independent and can write business through many different companies. That way, they can compare rates from many different insurers and find the right coverage for you.

To find out more, contact an auto insurance agency near you today. They can provide you with more tips and advice. 


13 April 2023

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