Time For A Change? What To Know Before You Request Quotes For New Automobile Insurance

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It's that time again. Time to start collecting insurance quotes for your automobile coverage. If you're like most people, this is the time of year that you really dread. That's because you know you're going to end up with sticker shock as soon as the quotes start coming in. Luckily, you don't need to deal with the sticker shock, especially if you're prepared for the adventure. Here are four important steps you'll need to take to ensure that you get the best rates for your automobile coverage.

Take a Look at Your Credit Report

When you're looking for insurance coverage for your automobile, you're probably wondering why your credit report matters. The fact is that your credit report matters a lot, especially to the insurance companies. You see, when a company insures you, they're guaranteeing that they'll step up and pay for damages for covered losses. Unfortunately, most insurance companies view bad credit as a reason to increase your insurance rates. Before you start requesting quotes, make sure you know what's on your credit report. That way, you can dispute issues that shouldn't be there, which will help increase your credit score, and reduce your insurance premiums.

Request a Copy of Your Driving Record

If it's been a while since you looked at your driving record, now's the perfect time to do that. The insurance companies will look at your driving record before they provide you with a quote for coverage. Make sure you get the best quote by knowing what's on your record. If you have issues with your driving record, it might be best to stay with your current insurance company until those points come off and your record is clean.

Know What Coverage You'll Really Need

When it comes to automobile insurance, the coverage you want will play a big role in the rates you'll pay. If low monthly rates are important to you, it might be best to go with a higher deductible, especially if it's been a while since you had an accident or needed to file a claim. Also, leaving things like rental car coverage and roadside assistance off the policy can also reduce your monthly rates.

Don't Forget About Those Life Changes

If you've had some life changes since your last quotes, don't forget to include those changes. Things like enrolling in college, getting married, having a baby, and beginning a new career, can all work to help you get lower rates for your insurance.


10 June 2018

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