Was Your Licensed Revoked Because Of DUIs? You May Need An SR22 Document


If you have had many DUIs, then you may currently have a suspended driver's license. In order to get back these privileges, the courts may have you do the following:

  • Pay a reinstatement fee
  • Attend a DUI prevention program or traffic school
  • File an SR22 with your insurance company

An SR22 is sometimes called SR22 insurance. However, that's a bit inaccurate, as an SR22 cannot replace your current auto insurance. Rather, it is a certificate that you get from your insurer to show the DMV that you are a high-risk driver and that you will meet the state's minimum car insurance requirements. While SR22 certificates cost a little to file and may raise your rates, they are vital for you to reinstate your driving privileges. Here are some common questions you may have regarding SR22s.

How Much Does It Cost to File One?

The filing fees for SR22s are pretty reasonable — usually between $15 and $25 — but it varies by state. The real costs come down to your insurance rates. Since you are filing an SR22, your auto insurer will likely raise your rates since you're a high-risk driver. However, the good news is that SR22s usually only require you to have the minimum insurance requirements for your state. If the judge ordered an FR44 certificate, then you would need to get an auto insurance policy that covers more than the minimum requirements!

How Long Do You Have to Carry an SR22?

Again, it depends on the state you live in, as well as the severity of your DUI charges. Many people carry the SR22 for three years. People with milder offenses may get two years, while severe offenses could get five.

During this time you will need to be especially careful while driving because if you get caught with another DUI charge, the period of time that you carry an SR22 may start over. In a worst-case scenario, your license could be revoked without the opportunity to submit an SR22 again.

If you get through your probationary period without any hiccups, then your insurer can file an SR26 to terminate the SR22 certificate. This means you will no longer be charged an SR22 filing fee when your auto policy renews.

How Can You Be Successful During This Probationary Period?

Obviously, if the judge ordered you to attend a DUI prevention program or driving school, you need to keep those commitments. Even if you weren't tasked with these programs, going through them can look good on your record, help you stay sober, and help you stay safe on the road.

Another important but overlooked aspect of successful driving is staying on top of car maintenance. Poorly maintained cars can cause a lot of accidents. Even if you weren't driving under the influence, a car accident so soon after getting an SR22 certificate doesn't look good on your record; the judge could suspend your license.

Another way to be successful during this time is to follow the guidelines of the judge and the SR22 rules. For instance, you may not be able to drive until you receive your SR22 (this may take a month). While it may be tempting, don't drive until your SR22 is submitted to the state. Once you are cleared to drive, you need to stay on top of your insurance coverage and keep proof of the SR22 in your car at all times.

Lastly, not every insurance carrier offers SR22 insurance. It's in your best interest to shop around and ask for estimates. You need to find an auto insurer that can file an SR22 immediately with your DMV so that your license isn't suspended. While dealing with the process of SR22 insurance can be difficult at times, it's a great way to keep your driving privileges.


30 January 2018

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