Reducint Your Chances Of Worker's Compensation Claims

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As an employer, you definitely want to make sure that you are covered by carrying worker's compensation insurance in case any of your employees get injured on the job. However, you also want to do everything in your power to avoid any of your employees from having a reason to file a claim against your worker's compensation insurance. Here are some useful tips you should follow to help avoid issues:

Have clear and concise job descriptions: Make sure every position in your company has its own job description. When each of your employees know exactly what is expected of them, they won't end up doing things that they aren't properly trained to do. When employees end up performing tasks they aren't trained for, it can lead to accidents which can turn into worker's compensation claims.

Be sure employees are properly trained before they work unsupervised: You should make it a standard practice in your company to make sure new employees are properly trained before you allow them to work unsupervised. Making this a standard practice takes away blurry lines that can lead to confusion and increase the chances of injury in certain departments. Employees should be trained by someone who has worked in that department recently, or who has undergone extensive schooling on how to properly train someone for that position. This way, you know the employee is going to be ready to do everything expected of them safely and deal with issues that come up when they are on their own. 

Hold annual safety seminars: No matter how well-trained your employees are, as time goes on they can become a bit relaxed in their work habits and this increases the chance of something going wrong and leading to accidents and injuries. This is why it is a good idea for you to make sure you offer safety seminars on an annual basis in the various departments. People more than familiar with the different positions should have input on the topics and how they are covered. Only those familiar with a job can fully understand the different surprises that can come up when performing different tasks.

Perform random drug tests on employees: You can also significantly decrease the chances of someone getting hurt on the job by performing random drug tests on your employees. You want to do these on a fairly regular basis, so employees know that the chances of a drug test occurring is pretty good. Hopefully, this will cut down on the amount of workers doing drugs, if they value their job at all. Plus, it also helps you weed out employees that are using drugs and therefore are at a higher risk of messing up and getting hurt.


4 September 2017

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