How Medical Malpractice Insurance Protests Internal Medicine Experts After A Diagnosis Error


Internal medicine experts or internists are among the most important types of medical experts in the world. Unfortunately, they can make diagnosis mistakes that lead to serious lawsuits. Thankfully, great insurance can protect against this danger.

Diagnosis Errors The Most Common For Internists

Internal medicine experts make an average of about 1,200 errors every year. Of these errors, about 39 to 40 percent are diagnostic errors. That's about 500-550 diagnosis errors made every year. These errors include inadequate assessment, mistaken diagnoses, failure to order proper diagnostic tests, and more. These mistakes can delay the use of a proper medical treatment.

And when these mistakes occur, the person who suffers from them has every right to pursue a medical malpractice suit against the hospital or internist who made the mistake. In fact, malpractice suits can be a very costly problem for any hospital.

Malpractice Suits Can Be Costly

The world of medical malpractice can be a shocking one to consider. For example, it is estimated that the cost of medical malpractice lawsuits across the country are about $55.6 billion dollars every year. That is roughly 2.4 percent of all healthcare costs! While a single mistake by an internist obviously won't cost this much money, it can cost a hospital thousands or even millions of dollars.

That's why about $45.6 billion of the malpractice money mentioned earlier is spent on defensive medicine. Doctors of all types, particularly those in the delicate practice of internal medicine, want to avoid these lawsuits. Thankfully, insurance can help protect them from losing too much money.

How Malpractice Insurance Helps

Malpractice insurance is something that all internal medicine experts should buy. These policies help protect these medical professionals from serious injuries caused by diagnostic errors. For example, if an internist accidentally diagnosed internal bleeding as a slight bruise and the person suffered from severe health problems, malpractice insurance can negate the costs of these cases.

These policies can vary depending on the healthcare system. For example, hospitals may take out large policies that cover all of their internists and medical specialists. However, a smaller firm may have to take out their own malpractice policy and pay for it themselves. While this may be somewhat expensive for smaller groups, it is absolutely necessary.

Another important aspect of this process is ensuring that those getting checked have medical policies that cover internal medicine use. This practice helps to make sure that patients don't end up getting improper care and having to foot a rather large bill.

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2 September 2017

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