Get These Valuable Possessions Appraised When You Switch Home Insurance Providers

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Switching your home insurance provider is an opportunity to not only bundle your other insurance policies together, but also take stock of some of the valuable items that you own, have them professionally appraised, and provide this information to your insurance agent. If your home were to burn down or be broken into, it's important for your insurance provider to know the exact value of these expensive possessions; this will ensure that the money you receive will be accurate. Bringing your agent's awareness to these things will make you feel secure that if anything happens to your home, everything will be covered. Here are some possessions to focus on.


Jewelry is something that could be targeted in the event of a break-in or lost in a fire, so it's important to go through all of your valuable items one by one. Select the things that you believe have a significant value and take them to be appraised. You can visit a jewelry appraiser or often have this work done at a jewelry shop. The appraiser will provide you with value for each of the items, as well as a detailed write-up about each jewelry piece. You can then submit a copy of this document to your insurance agent to be kept in your file.


A collection of firearms is something that also carries a lot of value. While you'll have an idea of what you paid for each firearm, you might not have an accurate idea of the value of some of the antique or otherwise rare — for example, a limited-edition firearm — piece in your collection. Although these items should be kept in a safe that would ideally be impervious to fire or theft, you might have some of these items not locked up. Taking them to a certified firearms appraiser and passing this information along to your insurance agent will ensure that you're fully covered.


Many people who own antiques, such as furniture, really don't have a clear idea of what these items are worth. Some antiques that might seem valuable are anything but, while other items can possess a significant value. It's ideal to contact an antiques appraiser; if it's impractical for you to transport your large antiques to the person, he or she may be able to visit your home to assess and give a value for everything, which you can then submit to your insurance provider.


21 September 2016

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